Enemy is within You


In many of your cases, the greatest enemy to the possibilities of what you can become or not become, the enemy is not outside, the enemy is within you. And that enemy is our own mind. Thinking against us. If one of them sitting here is holding a knife and chasing somebody else with a knife, I can come in between and save the other person. If you take a knife and you’re running to kill yourself, how will I come and protect you.

If the enemy is outside, there is salvation for all of us, but if the enemy is within, where is the salvation? And that enemy is our own mind. In fact, I tell people, if you don’t have enough confidence in yourself, have confidence in those who have confident in you. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m capable of. Somebody else with the maturity which they have in life is able to see what I am capable of.

Because I look at life with a immaturity, then I have been coming up with. So, I don’t have – a lawyer and the judge cannot be the same. So, the judge is seeing something in the argument of a lawyer which the lawyer has not perceived. The teacher is seeing some potential in the student which the student does not perceive. “Arjuna” thinks he could not fight the war. “Krishna” knew what “Arjuna” was capable of and the war went through, and the war of righteousness happened because somebody was willing to have confidence in the “Krishna” who had confidence in “Arjuna”.

There’s no way “Jesus Christ” would have told “Peter”, let the dead bury the dead. You follow me. There is something “Christ” was able to see in one of his apostles, which the apostles himself as a fisherman was not able to see what he was capable of. Sometimes you have to hold on to something which is larger than you, higher than you. It can be your mentor. It can be your Godfather. It can be God. It can be a teacher. It can be a guru. It can be something that you trust beyond yourself and you need to hold on by whatever name you’ll call it.

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