The Master Key To Create Great Relationships


“We come across so much of disharmony within a family. There are early breakups within two years, three years of marriage. Is it because nurturing a relationship was never taught to us? How do we nurture a relationship in a family, in an organization, in a team?” Patience is a virtue that has gone through the window for humanity as a whole. I think it is affecting us in all fronts, and relationship is one of those.

There are two beautiful qualities, discipline and delayed gratification. I think we have lost touch with it. I liked one of the recent tweets Sachin Tendulkar had posted. He said, “It’s time to see life as a test match.”. It’s all about patience. We might have to keep leaving balls just like that, reminding ourselves, it’s a test match. We are not used to doing that, we want to hit fours and sixes with every ball.

So now, suddenly, when we are told that we have to work from the home, there is no place for instant gratification. Everything is delayed gratification. We don’t know when this is going to end. Yes, there is panic. There is fear. But there’s a lot of impatience in the world. Nobody wants to wait! And this is exactly what humanity as a whole is going through. We want everything to be done fast. We want immediate results.

We don’t even have the patience to wait after switching on a laptop, for all the icons to be loaded, and it giving us control. We don’t have patience to press a lift button and wait for the lift to come down. The countdown in a traffic signal is going eighteen, seventeen, sixteen, and everybody is already raising their accelerator. We sit in a flight, and we know it will take off only after the boarding is complete, and we are restless.

We’re waiting for our bags in the baggage carousel. It looks like it’s taking two, three minutes only, but for some of us, it looks like eternal. The greater concern is, patience, which is a virtue, has gone through the window for humanity. And as a result, everywhere, we want instant gratification. You’re neither going to see results in life, nor you’re going to be peaceful in life, as long as instant gratification is the only thing that you seek in life.

One individual at a time, we need to transform. Let’s start with you! We have to shift from the need for instant gratification to delayed gratification. It’s called discipline. Then you’ll realize it takes so many years to develop an expertise. Then you realize, for you to scale up to the top of an organization, takes time. Then you realize to prone your skills to the point, for you to become a numero uno in any field, takes time.

And to build a beautiful relationship is a lifelong quest. Wedding happens in a day. Marriage happens in a lifetime. Anybody who understands, relationships are always under construction, over a period of time, create beautiful relationships. Anybody who feels relationships must be ready-made, and it should be right from the first night they come together, not just in marriage, not just within a family.

They create disharmony. They’re a misfit even in an organization. They come and disrupt the entire team. So rather than specifically telling you what is needed to create great relationships, I want you to embrace the master key. The master key is, patience, delayed gratification. And if we can internalize that as a human quality, one individual at a time. You will see that there is going to be a shift in every role of your life. That’s the answer to peaceful progress. Delayed gratification.

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