The Power of an Idea


“Napoleon Hill” said, “God” never gives you an idea without the power to achieve it. Why did that idea come to you? Why did this thought that I can build a 1000 crore company come to you? It didn’t come to others. Though, all of you were in the same seminar. In the same seminar they talked about the potential possibilities of Indian products in global market. Everybody heard. Somebody thought 25 crores, somebody thought 70 crores, one of you thought 1000 crores.

Why did the thought come to you? That is an existential conspiracy. Something in existence believes that you are cut out for something very big in life. When everybody is running after materialism, materialism, materialism. Why did that spark within you come that you really believe you can travel the rest of your life with a living “God”? Why did the thought come to you?

Maybe that spiritual spark in the seeker within you is ready, otherwise this thought would have never come to you. So, often existence somehow opens your bonnet and puts in certain possibilities inside your system and closes the bonnet. And in those moments, the way you acknowledge them, the way to recognize them, the way you self-endorse them, that nod I was talking to you right now about something within you say. Yes, and that’s the beginning of a possibility.

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