WATCH THIS! If You’re Feeling Alone | Mahatria On Loneliness

Everybody knows this story, but in this context, I want to repeat this story. So, there was this man, who was walking beside a seashore, and all the past incidents of his life were flashing in his mind.And he found it very interesting, because, whenever he had gone through happy times, good times, abundant times, he always saw two sets of footprints. And whenever he went through difficult times, challenging times, enduring times, he saw only one set of footprints.

So, he blurted out, “This is not fair, my Lord! During all my happy times, I can see that you are walking along with me because I can see two sets of footprints. During all my difficult times, why did you forsake me? I had to walk alone, I had to fight alone, I had to struggle alone, because I can see only one set of footprints. Why did you forsake me?”. Immediately, he experienced a reverberation. And from somewhere beyond, a voice echoed, saying, “You’re right! During all your happy times, I walked along with you.

That’s why you see two sets of footprints. But remember this, my child, during all your difficult times, I somehow felt you will not be able to bear those enduring times. So, I carried you in my arms, and I kept walking. The only set of footprints you see is mine, not yours, because you were in my arms! And once we crossed that threshold, I dropped you back, and we continued to walk together again.”. And if any one of us can look into our life, there’s enough confirmation that when you reached a point where, you didn’t know how to bear this anymore, through some form, a friend, a teacher, a relative, a parent, a sibling, a stranger.

Somebody always came into your life, held your hand, walked you through that phase, and they just went on. The truth of life is, the more and more you grow in faith, the more and more you get to realize. Faith is to recognize this. Either He is walking with me, or He’s carrying me. I’m never alone! When I say alone, alone from the materialistic support, but there is never, spiritually, a forsaken moment in our life. Not for, not for any of us. We’re never alone. What a state to live our life in! To be anchored to a faith that recognizes, He’s either walking with me, or He is carrying me. Spiritually, I’m never alone.

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