What stops me from experiencing abundance?


A major impediment to experiencing this abundance in life is, we buying into a concept called contentment in this country. Contentment, you should be contented in life. Who said no? You shouldn’t be. But contentment does not mean I should not be ambitious in life. Contentment only believes whatever I have, I will enjoy it without any regrets in life. I will continue to aspire for more. I’ll continue to aspire for growth.

Contentment only means, wherever I am right now that 18,000 rupees per month that I’m earning right now, and I am able to live a beautiful life with that. But that doesn’t mean, I believe, I am cut out only for 18,000 rupees per month. I know, I’m going to continue to aspire for more. I know, I going to continue to aspire for my growth and I am continuing to pursue this becoming in my life, but in the entire process of me becoming whatever I can become in the future, I am not going to regret my today’s.

Somebody who keeps on crying in his today’s, do not create a context for happy times in tomorrow because my tomorrow is going to be born out of my todays. The state of being in which I am today is going to create the context for my tomorrows to unfold. So, as a result, it’s important that I hold myself in the right state of emotions in my today. So, I am going to be contented. I am not going to regret what I already have but I will continue to keep pursuing an ambitious tomorrow.

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