Who Are You When Nobody Is Watching?


Everything around you is right, you can be happy. Even if one thing is not right, you cannot be happy. So, are you always happy, or only happy when circumstances are right? Are you loving only when you’re in front of Mahatria? Are you loving only with one or two people, who are absolutely compatible with you, or are you always loving? Do you produce your best work ethic, when you know you’re being monitored by a boss, or father is around, or your work ethic is at the best, even when nobody is monitoring you?

Who are you when you’re alone? I don’t want to know who are you when everybody’s around. I want to know who are you when you’re alone. Are you a happy individual, are you a loving individual? Are you a sincere individual? Do you give your best in whatever you do, when you’re alone? Even when nobody’s watching you? If certain things have to be right around, for the best qualities in you to come out, then let me tell you, all those qualities are a perfume in you. From the outside. Temporary.

If these are qualities where it does not depend on anything outside of you, but it’s coming from inside, then those qualities are not a perfume, it’s your fragrance. Perfume is outside in; fragrance is inside out. All you will have to do is, go back and find out, what are my qualities which are a perfume, and how can I turn that into a fragrance? What are those qualities that can become the fragrance of a personality, and it’s not a perfume anymore? Even one thing. Happiness always, has become a fragrance, love always, has become a fragrance. You want to be a champion always, that also has become a fragrance. Don’t go after a hundred things, nothing will be done. What is one quality in me, that’s actually my fragrance? Pat yourself, you’ll be able to love yourself, you’ll be able to respect yourself.

What is one quality that’s still a perfume, and I want it to become a fragrance? Goal for 2020 is set! Under ideal circumstances, under all circumstances! At least one quality which is, till now, your perfume, should become your fragrance. What is that one quality which is your fragrance, which should not be a fragrance? Always jealous, always getting irritated, always lying. Anything makes you nervous. Easily sad, easily hurt, fragile ego.

One moment anybody does not in accordance to what you want, you flare up. So what is one fragrance of yours, which must be dropped, it should not be a fragrance? What is that one negative quality, which should never be? I know one or two of you are thinking, there’s nothing of that sort here! That is the quality I want you to drop. You think too much about yourself. That is the exactly, the quality I want you to drop.

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