Who is Your God to You?


Somewhere spiritually if your definition towards your God can be transformed… I always tell people; this is not supposed to be spirituality. But if that one shift in definition can be achieved. I always tell people, in spirituality, the question is never, who is your God? In spirituality, the question always is, who is that God to you? What do I mean? Who is Jesus Christ? Wikipedia will give that answer.

I don’t have to ask you. Google, I have to type. Who is Jesus Christ? Wikipedia will give, right from Joseph, Mary, everything… All details it will give. Who is Jesus Christ to you? Only you can answer, even church cannot answer that question. Only you can answer that question, who is Jesus Christ to you? Nothing, nice person… nice person. Founder of Christianity, then founder of Christianity and one of you ask who is Jesus Christ? “Oh, Jesus Christ is the God of Christianity and I am a Christian.”

Oh, public God, and one of you, I am asking you, who is Jesus Christ to you? And you say, “Oh, Jesus Christ, my Lord. Living with him, in him, every moment of my life.” For the first time you have understood what spirituality is. Spirituality is the most… spirituality is more private than sex life between two people. But unfortunately, we have made it public because what my God means to me is independent of even my God. My love for Christ is independent of Christ.

Who is Krishna to you is not the question, who is Krishna is not the question. There are different versions to it. Mahabharat, naughty fellow, flirt, conspirator, Vishnu’s avatar, lot of definitions are there.

But the question is not who is Krishna?

Who is Krishna to you?

Nobody? Nobody.

Krishna is my Lord. Then Krishna is your Lord.

So, when I say change in definition, in spirituality change in definition actually is, I am no more asking this question. I’m no more even answerable to this question from the world, ‘who is my God?’ If anybody ever asked me again, ‘who is my God?’, I’m going to tell them, “It’s too private for me to share it with you.”

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