Wishing you most and more


I really think if we have to wake up this world, to a new possibility. And then it is very very important that we wake up this world to a new possibility through new language, through new words, by queuing in new vocabulary. Let’s teach them to tongue things, that they have never tonged before. From a spiritual platform, abundance is never been tonged, let’s teach the world to tongue abundance.

Blue has never been the color of any revolution, let blue be the color of this revolution. More and more they already use to, and that is how “most and more”, wishing you most and more. Can we bring in this alignment, by wishing people – “wishing you most and more”. Whatever he’s seeking, health – most and more, wealth – most and more, bliss – most and more, divine – most and more.

Can we queuing into this world, wishing you most and more, can that be the expression. Yes, most and more, represents abundance, much more than “more and more” which the world is familiar with. And, that is how we evolved “wishing you all most and more”.

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