You Only Have 1095 Days To Live


Time, one thing which when lost stays lost, one thing that we can’t get back, one thing that cannot be bought, one thing that cannot be purchased.

You use it; you lose it; you don’t use it also you lose it, so you might as well use it and turn it into something. I don’t know what is the age average of this group, but for calculation purpose and something that I’m comfortable with so, I will assume that the average of this place is 30.

The average age at which an Indian dies is 70. 72 now it is, but we’ll keep 70 because I know to calculate only that much. 2 will come into fractions.

Which means on an average, we have 40 years of life left, one-third of this will go in sleep, so that takes away 13 years of your life, you’re left with 27 years.

One-third of this life will go in work, that takes away another thirteen years of your life, it leaves you with 14 years. Work, student, homemaker, one third will go in that.

It leaves you with 14 years. Anybody who lives an urban life just your morning activities, brushing of teeth and then coffee, bath, breakfast, go to office first coffee, second coffee, then if you’re involved in the job half an hour lunch, if you’re not involved in the job two hours lunch.

Then after that, end of the day dinner, your daily chores will consume about four hours every day, just your daily chores. That takes away another seven years of your life, you’re left with seven years.

Anybody who lives an urban life, travels on an average for one hour every day, and with the way cities are expanding, it’s going to be more, but on an average one hour every day and that takes away another two years of your life.

You’re left with five. Minimum one hour every day is invested on entertainment; television watching, Whatsapping, Facebooking, all those social medias, internet surfing, minimum one hour. That takes away another two years of your life, you’re left with three years of life.

Which means if you’re 30 right now and you’ll die at 70, beyond your daily day to day life, all you’re left with is three years of life. 1095 days left to live, 1095 days left to die, that’s it! I know a lot of you want to argue with me saying that you don’t sleep for eight hours.

I know that, but you don’t work for only 8 hours, you work for 12 hours, 14 hours; it makes up. You don’t have entertainment for only one hour a day.

It was very conservative; I almost treated you like a saint and told you that, which isn’t the case.

And in all this I’ve not put time for exercise, because only if we exercise 70 is possible, otherwise before that itself you’ll go.

I’ve not put time for exercise, I’ve not put actuals on entertainment, I’ve not put actuals… because if I put all actuals, most of you should have died yesterday.

Then I can’t do anything, so I have to keep you alive to teach you some concepts, so I put conservative estimate everywhere. 1095 days left to live; left to die.

Develop a sense of purpose and urgency and get an impetus into your life. Don’t live life as if it is eternally granted, it’s not.

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