Your Destination is Unique


Each one of us have been created for our own unique destinations in life we have no common destinations your path will lead you to your destination. My path will lead me to my destination her path will lead us to her destination. We don’t share a destination materialistically also we don’t share destinations, spiritually also we don’t share destinations. It might appear we are all walking a similar path, but we are all walking towards very very unique independent destinations, each one of you had been created by this infinite creative Creator into a journey of our own destinations.

Most of your misery in life, most of your disturbances in life, most of your negativity in life, most of those kurukshetras that war that you find within yourself is because you are trying to reach her destination or you feel that his destination is better and yet how much ever you try, how much ever you try none of you sitting here have been decided, nobody else can reach your destination and you can reach nobody else’s destination. Each one of us on a journey to find our own destination and somehow this immaturity this limitation because he is sitting in the vipassana you feel I can also sit in vipassana and the same thing will happen to me if vipassana can produce the same results to everybody.

Everybody will be buddha. Because Buddha practiced vipassana I would also practice vipassana Buddha got enlighted, so I will also get enlighted. And don’t make it physically right. So we always find a tree to sit under we think actually because of the tree only you got enlighted also go and sit under a tree, crow drop its dumping on you, inspired by the singing of Mukesh, I also wanted to be a singer so I rented… you can be inspired by Mukesh. You shall never be Mukesh who can sing like Mukesh but you will not be Mukesh. Mukesh Ambani can be inspired by a Dhirubhai Ambani and feel you can do a lot of things in life.

You’ll never be a Dhirubhai Ambani, cannot be, your son can inherit your business, but he cannot do the business exactly the way you do. Maybe you could do better than you. He would do it differently than you. Maybe you’ll produce lesser results than you. We cannot share definitions of success, we cannot share our destinations, we cannot share the definitions of life we cannot share the script of life. A two hundred of the thousand of you sitting here can say Mahatria we love you more than anybody else and yet each one of your love You alone can understand or even you have not understood and yet we live in this eternal agitation in life. Eternal frustration in life. Why am I not able to apt somebody’s destination, why am I not able to reach somebody’s destination.

Everybody can go to Harvard the same set of professors can teach. Everybody can learn the same management principles that are being taught there. Everybody can graduate from there and coming back everybody cannot produce the same success. You can read a book on Steve Jobs and be inspired by Steve Jobs. Maybe in your life you will do things which is very different. I don’t even want to say more than Steve Jobs because this more comes only from one phenomenon in life called money because for many of you that’s the only metric through which you measure life you somehow feel one thousand two hundred crores is better than thousand crores, stupid sometimes it’s not, because somebody who earns thousand crores that is happiness impact has actually achieved much more than anyone know if you who achieved who achieved five thousand crores with no happiness and peace of mind, it’s not more.

If Neetha Ambani is never able to relate to a Mukesh Ambani as a husband but is only able to relate to a Mukesh Ambani as the richest among the Indians. Then let me tell you the romance two of your share in a husband and wife relationship is far deeper than what somebody else can experience but we use this word more because that’s the only measurable metric that we have through numbers. You scaled a height in your trek and came back and to you individually that is the Mt. Everest moment, that doesn’t make an Edmund Hillary who has scaled Mt. Everest, That was his destination. You can be inspired you can also scale Mount Everest. You might also scale Mount Everest. It what he felt when he was on top of the world will be so different from how you feel when you are on your top of the world.

It is never going to be the same. Never going to be the same. That’s a huge fallacy in the way we live our life. Huge fallacy we expect our wife to cook like our mother. And you’re never going to enjoy the food your wife cooks because she cannot cook like your mother. She might be better than your mother. She may not be, and she is different from your mother. And that’s the fascination of life, there is no scope for a copy, some of you who coach others for CA will understand. I know a lot of people who teach others for CA and the one you teach passes you fail. You cannot understand and that is how life was designed. To respond to you uniquely to, respond to your differently, to carry you like no one else has been carried. And that’s how life carries each one of us.


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