Arguing for the right reason?

During an argument both parties feel they are right and are trying to convince the other of the same. An argument usually ends in an impasse where one or both parties might be hurt by what has been said. The only way to deal with different points of view is through communication.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Arguing happens between friends and sometimes within a family too! It is about each person feeling that they are right and convincing the other that they are wrong. When both get into a defense, can there be a fair outcome?

Who should listen to this audio?

Do you tend to get into argumentative mood often? Do you feel the need to establish that you are right with your kith and kin? Then this podcast will help you to turn an argument into a discussion.

"An argument is an ego affair between two individuals."


Question:  Arguing for the right reason with my father is right or wrong?

Ans:  Now, the answer is there in your question Manoj Krishna.  Answering for the right reason. So, you already decided, you’re right. So, why are you arguing? Because, you think your father is wrong.  Why is your father arguing? Because, he has already decided he is right.  

So, two people equally convinced that you are right. How much ever you communicate, you’ll still believe, you’re right. Think.  Has ever an argument ended by the other person changing his mind? An argument always ends because of timeout.  After something either your bed or he is tired or the TV program is started or you have to go out, or a phone rang or somebody has come or mommy calls for dinner and argument only ends as a timeout. 

Because, you cannot convince a man against his will.  In a discussion, we are discussing what is right? In an argument, we are arguing who is right? What began as a discussion, what is right? The moment it has become an argument, who is right? You will continue to prevail from your perspective and he’ll continue to opinionate from his perspective; and there will never be a meeting point. And the entire process not only argument will end with timeout, it will also leave one of the two or both hurt in the entire process.  

Nobody said better than Abraham Lincoln. When he told one of his soldiers, it’s better to give way to the angry dog than to fight it. For even if you will kill the dog in the process, what about the injuries you have suffered during the fight? It’s better to give way to an angry dog than to fight it.  

For even if you’ll kill the dog in the process, what about the bites you suffered in the process? The best way…’the only way to get the best out of an argument is to avoid it’, said Dale Carnegie.  ‘The only way to get the best out of an argument is to avoid it’.  Don’t waste your time. An argument is purely an ego affair of two individuals at the point of view, I am right.

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