Mahatria embarked on a mission to awaken humanity on the path of holistic abundance. Since then, His singular pursuit has been to enable living from a higher pedestal possible and practicable for everyone

Seldom comes a soul
who lives for others

His unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced. He has been empowering numerous individuals, from industrialists and entrepreneurs on the Forbes lists, opinion makers, award-winning musicians, sports persons, educationalists and students. For over 2 decades, his relentless service in enabling everyone to embrace abundance in all aspects of life – personal, material and spiritual – through live events, public programs, outreach initiatives, digital webcasts, books and videos have reached millions of seekers spread across the world and it is only growing on a daily basis.

His way of teaching which is experiential, contemporary and carefully woven with humor and wit inspires breakthroughs regardless of age, social strata or geographic boundaries. By appealing to both the mind and the heart, explaining the ‘why’ behind all the mysteries and paradoxes of life and delivering experiences that strike an emotional chord, He has got hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of people to experientially realize that ‘Life is beautiful’.

Men and women from all parts of the world irrespective of their age, caste, creed, colour and religion feel spiritually protected and receive life-changing breakthroughs in His presence. The youth especially are open to Mahatria’s unconventional ways and throng to be in His presence. With celebration, happiness, acceptance and responsibility being some of the intrinsic values of His teachings, youngsters are embracing the science of spirituality and awakening to the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

He is a much sought-after orator at many national and international forums addressing entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate and service organizations.


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Making Holistic Abundance a Reality

Mahatria is bringing about a dawn in human consciousness; a way of experiencing a holistically abundant life of health, wealth, love, bliss and spiritual connect. This is leaving an indelible mark on future leaders and current leaders in the corporate world. A revolution is imminent as youngsters are finding their passion and the corporate world is finding purpose.

Being an impassioned propagator of value based living and a firm believer in the power of human potential, Mahatria is driven by an unwavering sense of commitment. He, for one, believes that the messenger should be the message. His skill in harmonizing the materialistic and spiritual worlds is gracefully reflected in his lifestyle.

A Phenomenon

His ability to expand in the simplest mode the most complicated aspects of life and His eloquence and finesse to spontaneously answer questions from any sphere of life on any forum – be it psychology, relationships, success, management or spirituality make Him an awe-inspiring communicator and renders Mahatria inimitable.

He is uniting a world that has been divided in the name of God and religion, through ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’. Endowed with a deep connectivity to the existence and enormous spiritual strength, He guides people to discover and deepen their faith. He has brought meditation to the common man, and in His presence, thousands have experienced the depths of silence. Mahatria is a constant revelation unto himself as well as life. He is a path breaker and thus a path finder. He is a phenomenon…

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