Experiences to Transform

At infinitheism we create one-of- a-kind experiences that will have a humongous impact on your life. With various experiences like structured courses for children and adults, spiritual and residential retreats, discourses – infinitheism is your gateway to a life of holistic abundance.

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Give your children the right edge; the infinitheism edge.
Courses specially designed by Mahatria for your children to SHINE at school, at home, with friends… IN LIFE.
Get your child to feel special… Get your child to celebrate life… Prepare your child to be a BIG MATCH PLAYER.

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PAP - Profit AND Peace

Passion drives you to start your business and you drive the business to it’s glory… In most cases, at that point, business drives you… business takes control of you…  it becomes a bottleneck that stops you from holistic growth…

“Will my business run the same way in my absence too?”
As a businessman you need to ask yourself this question. If the answer is ‘NO’ it only means that your business is yet to develop essential systems, structures, policies and procedures.
PAP is the ideal solution for Small and Medium Enterprise owners to get the fundamentals of business right.

For more information call +91-9841660000 (9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. IST)