What is
'This AND That' ?

This AND That (TAT) is a life-transforming 8-session experience with Mahatria over 4 weeks; designed to inspire breakthroughs to Holistic Abundance.

A few unanswered questions could be slowing down your progress... stopping you from being the infinite possibility you are created to be.

The opportunity to experience the best in every aspect of life, is just one decision away!

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Holistic Abundance?

Nothing should happen at the cost of something.

The question is no more, “WHICH is the best of everything”, but it is, “HOW to get the best of everything?” The question is, “How to get Most and more… in all the dimensions of your life that will make your life complete.”

You deserve Most and more… in every sphere of your life. Abundance is your birth right.

This is your chance to give up ‘scarcity thinking’ and embrace the ‘abundance mentality’.

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TAT Experiences


Mahatria’s unique method of blending spiritual seeking with materialistic ambition is changing the way spirituality is experienced. He has been empowering numerous individuals from industrialists and entrepreneurs, opinion makers, award-winning musicians, sports persons, educationalists and students to live a life of holistic abundance.

For over 2 decades, His relentless service through public discourses, residential retreats and digital webcasts have been inspiring millions across the globe.

Breakthroughs by Mahatria