Why should you visit a place of worship – a temple or a mosque or a church?

Certain spaces, usually few homes, and most natural environments leave you with an inexplicable joy so much so, that you wish to visit that space again and again. On the other hand, there are also some spaces which you do not have an inclination to visit at all for the second time. Could it be because the former filled you with positivity and later did not? Is it because of the vibrations in that space? Do vibrations affect a human being? Are there +ve vibrations and -ve vibrations? Mahatria in this podcast, beautifully explains the reason why we feel differently in different spaces and gives a three-fold way to stay in touch with positivity.

Why you should listen to this audio?

Can a place gain significance through the thoughts and feelings of people who frequent that space? To become aware that there is much more to any empty space and how each one of us can contribute to what a place can become you should listen to this podcast. Positive or Negative, you can play a part too…

Who should listen to this audio?

People who always wondered ‘Why I should visit a place of worship?’ should listen to this.

"The quality of thoughts and feelings of people in a particular space turns vibrations in that space as positive or negative."



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

There is a concept in spirituality called “Spaces untouched by man”. Originally, whenever a place of worship came, it always came in a space that was not yet touched by man. This is what we are talking about in terms of the source vibrations with which the entirety of the whole thing unfolded with concentrated vibrations wherever and that is where independent of what religion it is a place of worship was always built. That is why you’ll find even now, ashrams, monasteries, or people of great spiritual significance, they would not take and space preoccupied with people and demolish that structure and rebuild something of sanctity there, they will never do that. They will always try to take spaces that have not yet been touched by man and from there bring the whole thing into it. 

Now what happens is, while energy by itself is pure, yet in its manifestation becomes light energy, heat energy, and through the chakras when it manifests it becomes male energy, female energy, it picks up the fragrance of through what it manifests itself. Similarly, vibrations by itself gets contaminated or enhanced by the quality of thoughts that man spreads itself in those spaces. So, for example, when I get into an environment where there is constant negativity and there is a constant crying and there’s a constant weeping, a lot of these negative thoughts and feelings of the man start smearing into that entire environment, contaminating the quality of those vibrations.

 In a space where everybody steps in for growth, everybody steps in with faith, everybody steps in with the right positive mental intent, they enhance the quality of the whole thing, ideally, it should be spaces untouched by man, those vibrations are the purest in its essence, not too many spaces like that are left in the world. So, what is the second alternative? 

Spaces that have been touched by man, but by a man of an evolved spiritual origin. So, when you all continue to go to a “Matru Mandir” or you go to a “Ramana Ashram” or when you want to visit an “Osho Commune”, though the masters informed do not exist there, but you know, these are places where they had breath. You visit these spaces because you know that the vibrations of those spaces have been touched by man, but it has also been touched by an evolved soul which means, the quality of the purity of thoughts and feelings of those adds to enhancing the quality of. So, pure vibrations, which is the first level, divine.

It’s not there, then let people who have embraced the divine let me embrace those vibrations. So, you go to a “Vivekananda Rock” and there you want to sit where “Vivekananda” has sat and meditated, you know that is already touched by the visitors, by the tourist people, by everybody that has come. But you also know innately the source vibrations of that place has been touched by an evolved soul, so that is a second alternative

The third alternative is to visit spaces where predominantly the convergence of people will always be with that right positive intent, with that love, with that surrender, with that faith. So, that is why we start visiting places of faith, visiting places, there is a convergence that happens there. Tomorrow something beautiful has to happen in your life. If you have a choice to go to a graveyard and then begin a temple and begin you choose a temple. For the fundamental reason, the possibilities of the vibrations in a temple with a thought process of faith and devotion people have come are far better for you than a graveyard where people have come and cried over their separation and loss and left the entire place. So, it’s the quality of thoughts and feelings of man which sometimes turns vibrations into positive vibrations and negative vibrations.


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