This is the pathway for back-to-back success! Way back in December, Anshul set a goal to lose 15 kg!  With three months of hard work and discipline, he shed 17 kg.  What a success!  When I met him yesterday after three months, I was more than shocked, as he gained double the weight!  What went …

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Golden Opportunities

A tutorial to draw gold into your life… We often hear statements such as: grab the opportunity, seize the opportunity or window of opportunity.  These phrases give us the impression as though opportunity is an object out there in the physical world for us to take hold of.  But there are no opportunities out there, …

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Doer to Mentor

It’s all about knowing when to let go of what… Lal was the Chairman of a global corporation.  Being a jet-setter made him experience different time zones month after month.  He had to counter challenges in different geographies, cultures, economies and laws.  Amidst all this, he would handle the routine humdrum of top management ego, …

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One advice

Sometimes, one advice can turn our life around!   I was brought up in a small village and hail from a very poor agriculture family.  My father was a farmer; he was illiterate and a daily wage worker. After my graduation in science from my hometown, I came to Chennai for the first time for …

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Beleive, how this youthful author found peace… No one can stop you when you believe in yourself. I remember myself being that happy chubby little girl running around the trees and chasing butterflies.  I used to find beauty in the smallest of things, from the beauty of flowers blooming, to the sounds of wind, to …

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