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infinitheism is a path that inspires breakthroughs in anyone who ardently desires abundance in any sphere of human endeavor – spiritual, emotional and material by transforming the human spirit to have faith in its humongous, infinite potential.

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Walking half a strides
to and from Temple Tree
through this pathway…

Alone in the crowd…
Tossed between
thoughts, feelings and Silence…
With music in the background…
Foreground noise of the bamboos
and also the treatment plant…

With Him without Him…

Loving you HDB infinitheists.
We laughed, cried and smiled between tears.
Entrainment, entertainment and enlightenment.
We drank the science of life.
We observed and absorbed.
In His lap, we felt the womb.
Me Ra moments were me-ra-culous.
And, in His Presence, we were not.

Loving you HDB infinitheists.
After every pinnacle of experience,
I have heard you say so often:
“I felt, as if, I was in the lawns of HDB.”

So, here is Soundarya Lahari for you…