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infinitheism is a path that inspires breakthroughs in anyone who ardently desires abundance in any sphere of human endeavor – spiritual, emotional and material by transforming the human spirit to have faith in its humongous, infinite potential.

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Undivided attention

Devotion isn’t what you do
but how you do.

Even pooja
is a mere activity,
if it is multi tasking.

Even preparing coffee
is a form of devotion
with undivided attention.

And with devotion,
anything and everything
becomes Spiritual.

How you feel
has nothing to do with
what you have or
how much you have.

Having abundance
is so different from
feeling abundance.

With gratitude
you are always rich.
Without gratitude
you are always poor.

Feel abundance always.
And post pandemic (Ha Ha),
have abundance.

Bigger the goals
stronger the motivation.

Nobler the ideals
greater the inspiration.

Higher the altar
deeper the surrender.

Higher the higher…
…deeper the Deeper.