We believe in integrating personal good with a larger good. Through our various projects we have inspired breakthroughs through public orations across the globe, facilitated wealth creation to provide education and employment opportunities, empowered students through applied moral science, integrated wellness with tree planting, raised funds for various service organizations...


It is Mahatria’s conviction that “While natural resources get depleted when we use them, human resources get depleted, when we don’t use them.” So, with a vision to empower students to actualize and maximize their potential, through Project: Subject+, 100s of infinitheists have joined hands and have been teaching ‘Applied Moral Science’ to over 2,00,000 children through the 7-session Subject+ workshops. This program has touched the lives of innumerable educational institutions, students and teachers.

Objectives of Subject+ are to develop among students the following:

  • An empowering personality with strength of character and competence.
  • A passion for excellence and increased intensity in every activity.
  • An awareness of their unique learning style and to improve academic performance.

Weekly Growth Sessions

infinipath has become a popular instrument of transformation and growth for hundreds of thousands of seekers across the globe. The reach through technology has immensely benefitted many and they revere this weekly mentorship sessions with Mahatria. These growth sessions discuss every aspect of life; the heartfelt sharing by audiences and live question and answer sessions also add a very different dimension to the experience. Your search for answers ends here.

Public Programs

Mahatria has conducted hundreds of free public programs and fund raising initiatives for Rotary International and Lions across India and in international destinations including the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Kenya and Lagos. Thousands of seekers are living life from a higher pedestal through these life-transforming orations of Mahatria.