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Just one breakthrough could change everything

Magnetising abundance is possible for all of us…
Just one breakthrough could change everything about YOU and your life!
Are you willing to gift yourself a breakthrough?


Friday, 8th September'17

Accelerate Your ‘Transformation’

If your life has to be propelled into the next orbit, then you need to change the patterns of your thoughts. What we are is because of what has gone into our mind. What we will be, will depend on what goes into our mind. If you have to reach where you have never reached, then you will have to take the path that you have never taken. If you have to accomplish what no one has ever accomplished, shouldn’t you be doing things that no one has ever done? Here is an invitation to be a path breaker.

11 Ways to 'BLISS OF LOVE'

Saturday, 9th September'17

Experience ‘Bliss of Love’

Human predicament is in mismanaged expectations. Be it employer-employee relationships, customer-vendor relationships, parent-child relationships or in man-woman relationships, it is about delivering on expectations. Can we drop expectations totally? No. That is not possible. Are you ready to take responsible steps towards finding bliss of love in relationships? Here is a pragmatic approach to manage our expectations in relationships and progress peacefully.


Sunday, 10th September'17

Magnetise ‘Spiritual Abundance’

The son of a king should not be a beggar. As children of that omnipresence that represents abundance, should we be living with scarcity? Contentment doesn’t mean you should not be ambitious. Are you willing to look at life with the spectacles of higher maturity? Here is a call to flow with a life of abundance.

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