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Science validates the truths which spiritualists knew long before…

In Quantum physics, there is a phenomenon called ‘Quantum Entanglement’ which riled Albert Einstein that he called it ‘spooky action at a distance’.  In layman’s terms, quantum entanglement is a term used to describe how individual particles which was once a whole, now separated physically many miles away or even light years away, still influence each other.

Several experiments conducted on entanglement reveals groups of entangled particles lose their individuality and behave as a single entity.  Any change in one of the particles leads to an immediate response in the other, even if they are spatially separated.  Scientists are puzzled as to how the transfer of state between the particles takes place at a speed of at least 10,000 times the speed of light, instantaneously, regardless of distance.

One resolution to this puzzle was proposed as a hidden variable theory.  The hidden variable theory assumed that each particle carries all the required information with it, and nothing needs to be transmitted from one particle to the other at the time of measurement.  At this time, Einstein and other scientists accepted that quantum physics must be incomplete.

As scientists continued to research and experiment, TOE was proposed.  Theory of Everything (TOE) is  a theoretical framework of physics that tries to fully explain and link together all physical aspects of the universe.  String theory in TOE posits that at the beginning of the universe, the four fundamental forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak interactions) were once a single fundamental force.  All matter is nothing more than vibrating strings with preferred patterns of vibration.  Einstein believed that a theory of everything would explain ‘How God created this world’.

An episode called ‘Genesis’ in the program ‘One Strange Rock’ believes all life on Earth occurred from the first primitive cell called LUCA.  LUCA stands for ‘Last Universal Common ancestor’ for all life here on Earth.  LUCA was the first living cell with DNA which could protect itself with a membrane and reproduce itself.

LUCA reproduced by dividing itself and over millions of years, different life forms came into existence right from the single celled forms like bacteria, protozoa to trees, fishes, worms, animals and to complex life forms like humans.  Though the life forms were diverse and complex, all life forms retained the basic chemistry of LUCA – cell is the smallest common denominator of life.  Our human body is nothing but a complex working together of 30 trillion cells.

As I was listening to the scientist talk about LUCA, in an instance, my life transformed.  I paused the TV and wept like a child filled with gratitude to the moment of revelation that happened, to which, I was the only witness.  I felt alive.  Every scientific information that I had accumulated till day, all the pieces summed up into one unified understanding of life.

Linking Quantum Entanglement, Theory of Everything and LUCA being the beginning of life, the unified understanding that emerged was that all life forms are entangled particles which emerged from one whole (the primitive cell called LUCA) and as per the principles of Quantum Entanglement and TOE, we can’t be separated and will constantly influence each other instantaneously.

So, Science is trying to prove that everything is deeply connected way beyond our comprehension.  We came from one source, one energy and will remain connected and influence each other irrespective of our differences in form, complexities, behaviour or distances.

Is this not what spirituality has been saying for ages now?  All of us intuitively know that we are all spiritual relatives rubbing each other into each other constantly.  Science is validating through experiments what we already know deep down.

Each cell communicates and acts in accordance to its environment.  What spirituality calls God, all-knowing, all merciful, a higher force – science proposes it as a hidden variable theory.  By, whatever name, we call it, the fact remains that we are led into ever expanding infinite possibilities, way beyond what our experiments can prove.  Our beloved Mahatria says – “Faith is not anti-science; faith is way beyond the comprehension of science”.

Science is making infancy steps in understanding prayers, healing, faith and miracles.  Through the theories of entanglement, TOE and LUCA, we get a sneak peek into understanding what Bible says – “When two or more people pray, blessings descend”.

We have the capacity to alter our environment by altering our thoughts, actions and behaviour. When TOE says, all matters are nothing more than vibrating strings, we can influence and be influenced into common patterns of vibrations (thought waves) which we give and pick from our environment.  Though physically separate, we are discovering that energetically everything is still connected in the cosmos.  Thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, chanting and prayers helps us achieve this. It leaves us in states of peak performance.

We leave a part of us in others and take a part of others in us.  It’s happening at such a subtle level that we hardly notice anything.  What starts as a small change, gains momentum and only when a quantum shift happens, we as a society realise that we have transformed.

In 1954, Sir Roger Bannister, was the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes, achieved through extraordinary willpower and training.  This achievement happened at a time, when the belief was that the human body will not be able to withstand the exertion of running a mile in less than 4 minutes.

Just six weeks later, another competing athlete John Michael Landy ran the distance of one mile under 4 minutes.  Since then, the ‘four-minute barrier’ has been broken by over 1,400 male athletes, and is now, the standard of all male professional middle-distance runners in cultures that use imperial units.  In fact, the mile record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds, and currently stands at 3:43.13.  This transformation was possible because Sir Roger Bannister challenged the belief and tested the limits of what a human body and spirit can achieve.  As entangled particles, the rest followed suit.

It’s not just the superhero Spiderman, who should say – “With great power, comes great responsibility”.  Each one of us are super-heroes in our own way, as every action performed or every action withheld creates ripples in our entire ecosystem, the effects of which are way beyond our comprehension.  To create a peaceful, loving, happy, caring society, we need to hold on to peaceful, loving, caring, happy thoughts and behaviour.  Our work is rather simple – as an individual, become peaceful, loving, happy and caring and leave entanglement to do the rest of the work of convergence.

So, as an individual, I start by wishing all of us a healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful and peaceful 2020… science has already started working for us…

Science is making infancy steps in understanding prayers, healing, faith and miracles.

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