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Happy Events – The chocolate effect in Life.


Savour what is beautiful in your life, swallow and forget the unpleasant.


Our family doctor always sported a cheerful and happy look.  He treated his patients with care and concern and always had a happy joke or two to share.

In all circumstances, good or bad, he never lost his composure and balance.  His happy cheerful temperament endeared him to one and all.  He radiated energy and exuberance wherever he went.

He never grumbled or complained and went on with life, radiating joy, happiness and energy.

Anger was a stranger to him and happiness his bosom friend.  He always seemed intoxicated with euphoria and ecstasy.

We live in a world where a smile has become rare and kind words rarer.

So obviously, I marvelled at the doctor’s attitude and temperament.

I never ceased to wonder as to how he had made happiness his way of life.

One day, finding him at his humorous best, I asked him the reason behind his cheerful disposition.

His response reflected his personality but was mind-boggling.  “You see, Modi, my medicines have taught me how to live,” he quipped.

Puzzled and taken aback, I naively asked him what medicines he took to make him happy and cheerful.

Laughing aloud, he clarified that it was not by consuming any medicine or medicines that he kept himself happy.

“It is by understanding the gist, spirit, quality and essence of the medicines that has taught me a ‘life’s lesson’,” he explained.

We should savour the good happenings in our life like the sweetness of a chocolate.  Ruminate on the good events and devour the unpleasant ones instantly.  It will give the mind tranquillity.

Noticing an intrigued expression on my face, he continued, “If there is a chocolate in our mouth, we tend to chew and suck the sweetness it produces.

We relish and cherish the delightful taste it exudes and try to keep it in the mouth as long as happy we can.

We prefer to enjoy its deliciousness and mouth-watering flavour as long as possible, before it finds its way into the chambers of our stomach in blissful surrender.

If it is medicine in the form of a bitter tablet, we tend to swallow it immediately.

We don’t allow it to linger in our mouth even for a second and gulp it down into our tummies immediately.

We do so because of its bitter taste.  It leaves an acidic and awful taste in our mouth.

So also, in real life, whenever we encounter bad and unpleasant events, we should ‘push them down the throat’ like bitter tablets and forget them.

We should not allow distressing incidents to linger too long in our minds.  They leave repulsive thoughts in our being.

They should be obliterated from our system lock, stock and barrel.  In the event of a happy occurrence, revel and bask in the exhilarated and blissful contentment it yields.

Like the chocolate, enjoy the taste of ecstasy that emanates from good and happy occasions.

Happy events leave blissful warmth in our mind and heart.  They leave a pleasant fragrance in our being.

We should savour the good happenings in our life like the sweetness of a chocolate.

Ruminate on the good events and devour the unpleasant ones instantly.  It will give the mind tranquillity.”

The doctor’s viewpoint, if put into practice in real life, can improve the quality of our lives.

Such an exercise can prevent us from brooding over adverse and detrimental happenings and avert a heavy toll of our health and wellbeing.

Therefore, if somebody insults us or humiliates us or criticises us or back bites or rebukes us, give no second thought to such events and expedite their immediate digestion.

And, if anybody appreciates our good deeds or our children succeed in life or we progress in life, let these occupy our thoughts for long and savour such occurrences for all time.

Let the good happenings eclipse the bad ones.

Here, paradoxically, the chocolate cures and medicine harms!

So, whenever an event happens in our lives, determine whether it is a chocolate or a medicine and deal with it as the doctor does.

This calls for a certain tuning into one’s own self.  We have to do a reality check, reinterpret and reinvent ourselves and allow the ‘chocolate effect’ to percolate and prevail!

During a discourse, a saint explained this chocolate effect differently.

He cracked a joke and everyone laughed with glee.  Cracked the same joke again, but the laughter was subdued and very few people laughed.

The same joke a third time and this time no one laughed.

Explaining the phenomenon, the wise man said that we don’t laugh over and over again at the same joke, then why do we cry about the same problem over and over again?

So, digest the problems and keep chewing the cud of happiness all the time.

Just submit to the force that soothes your souls and permit the ‘chocolate effect’ to triumph and reign.

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