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How can we invite it in all aspects of our life?

Harmony is a universal word – a universal state of affairs – that keeps the world moving and the planets including the earth in their orbit.  The very survival of human kind is dependent on the balance maintained by cosmic harmony.

Nature is the best manifestation of the divine formula of harmony implemented by the Lord when He launched His ‘Project Creation’.  By creating various types of complex forces and bringing about harmony in their application, the Almighty brought order in the way Nature should function.  Harmony is indeed a creation of the Creator.  And to a great extent, precision and perfection in His creation were essentially brought about by the virtue of this basic ingredient of harmony.

The Almighty has weaved His fabric of creation with the yarn of harmony.  The ocean, the clouds, the breeze, the sun and the light it emanates, the oxygen generated by the plants, the sounds we hear, the process of raining, the formation of dew, the dawn and the dusk, the botanical and zoological evolution and the functions thereof, and a million other things are placed in their rightful place by the Lord basically with the formula, secret and magic of harmony.  He has so woven the forces of Nature that they function in harmony with one another bringing unity in diversity.  The harmony manufactured and applied by Him is intense and so interwoven that even the most complicated and complex equipment or machine made by man looks like a dull toy before the divine machinery of Nature invented or rather created by Him.

Left to itself, this divine contraption of Nature with its million complex interacting and intervening energies and forces keeps its balance and brings joy to humanity.  So, the first lesson in harmony has been introduced into this world and taught to us by none other than the Divine Creator.

This very Creator has generously endowed mankind with free will, allowing him to utilise this apparatus of harmony as per his discretion.  And this very mankind, with his inquisitive and evil designs, somehow stir the prevailing ambience in Nature, disturbs its rhythm and not only gives pain to Nature but also provokes its wrath.  The resultant outrage like earthquakes, avalanches, floods, tsunamis, droughts, famines, global-warming issues threaten the very existence of humanity.  When harmony in God’s creation is disturbed, the nuts and bolts of divine creation become loose and the distressed Nature lets loose its fury causing cruel excesses and destruction to humanity.  It leads to veritable suicide by Nature, ushering its self-destruction.  It inflicts pain on itself, uprooting trees and flora, destroying the fauna, weakening the snow-clad mountains, bringing stock market-like movements in global temperature, erasing to the ground the strongest of man-made structures, leaving scenes of chaos and eliminating mankind itself from the earth.  Like a pupil who does not get the marks he deserves and takes the path of suicide, Nature is also sensitive and precocious and goes on a self-destruction spree if not allowed to exist in harmony.  Therefore, the lessons in harmony taught by the Divine Scientist should be imbibed in toto in both letter and spirit and given the tag of sacredness and provided the sacrosanct pedestal.  Inevitably, harmony is an important aspect of the Divine Force that holds all forces and beings together and obliges them to unite.

This tool of harmony is a source of strength that needs to be applied universally by mankind, and its benefits are miraculous and magical.  This magical software or ‘app’ called harmony needs to be downloaded generously and applied in all aspects of our life.  Harmony in management is a natural corollary.  Whether it is an NGO or a business organisation or an educational institution or a hospital or a government organisation, to get the best results out of them, existence of harmony at various levels in the organisation is mandatory.  Until and unless the various departments and limbs of these organisations work in harmony with one another, the organisation will not move much forward and could collapse on the way.  Like Nature, suicidal tendencies will set in.  The purchase department, sales department, service department, finance department, HR department, research wing, stores, manufacturing department, administrative department, legal department, security wing, the board of directors, all have to work in harmony with one another to be a successful business entity.  Any disharmony between even a few of these elements will only cause bottlenecks and jeopardise the interest of the owner, the staff and the society.  Cooperation and not confrontation is the core mantra of harmony.

In an eye hospital, for example, right from the time a patient enters the precincts of the hospital, his registration formalities, guiding him from one department to another for check-ups, lab testing, counselling, insurance issues, payments, any other logistic issues till he gains the confidence of the doctors to surrender himself on the surgery table can be achieved only by harmony not only among the various departments but also among the staff and their comfort level.  The basic relationship between the management and the staff go a long way in strengthening the institution.  And all said and done, coming to the crux of it all, Mahatria’s emphasis on having proper systems in place will not only strengthen the harmony in management but also give it a rock-solid binding quality.  Once the systems are in place, maintaining harmony becomes a matter of joy and brings down the stress level of all concerned to the minimum.  Narrowing divergences and building convergences, harmony and harmony alone is a symbol of success.

Coming back to our patient who is wheeled into the operation theatre for surgery, he is most likely to be in awe of the painless procedure as he is wheeled back into the recovery hall where he interacts with many happy patients like him.  The patient is impressed with the surgery, giving more credit to science than the doctor who performs the surgery and feels that the whole process was very simple and ordinary.  How wrong he is!  Actually, the skill coupled together with the body, mind, heart and soul the surgeon dedicated to the procedure had been the X factor which relieved him of his ailment.  To put it more emphatically, the harmony between the body, mind, heart and soul of the doctor in addition to his skill and technology cured the patient rather than the technique of science alone.  It is this internal harmony between body, mind, heart and soul within the doctor and the harmony between his skill and scientific technology that led to a wonderful fusion which in turn brought vision into the deteriorating eye of the patient.  So, emotional harmony within each man is also pertinent to bring harmony in the management of an organisation for the ultimate growth of the society.  That’s what harmony is at the micro-level, the seed that can finally bring harmony in management at the macro-level of an organisation.  For example, a surgeon with a disturbed family life might falter at the operation table and be a cause of ‘harm’ rather than a cause of ‘harmony’.  On the other hand, a surgeon with a harmonious family life will wield the scalpel with ease and make the most complicated surgery simple causing happiness to him and the patient while enhancing the image of the organisation he works for.

The Almighty has weaved His fabric of creation with the yarn of harmony.

The concept of harmony basically emanates, evolves and emerges from good human qualities like love, understanding, goodness, goodwill, cooperation, discipline, compassion, faith, trust, determination, gratitude, maturity, wisdom, righteousness, kindness, respect for both the self and those around us, open-mindedness, compromising self-goals for collective organisational goals and myriads of other positive qualities.  So, to have genuine harmony in an organisation, there has to be collective human goodness of the highest quality, sustaining the institution against all odds and making it successful and prosperous in all its endeavours.  Consequently, where there is such qualitative ‘harmony’ in an organisation, ‘money’ just flows in.  It is nothing but the culmination of the plain truth that we observe in the words of our own Mahatria who says emphatically that, “Every good human being has the moral responsibility to be rich.”  The good organisation is accordingly bound to get rich and once again to quote Mahatria, “Money in the hands of a good human being will create a new world.”  So also, money in the hands of a good organisation will unfold a better world.  This will apply impartially to both commercial and spiritual organisations.  In the final analysis, harmony leads to satvic wealth creation not only of an organisation but also of the nation.

Cooperation and not confrontation is the core mantra of harmony.

In our day-to-day life, there is no activity that does not require harmony.  Now that the cricket fever is on, a batsman, for example, has to harmonise adequately his body, mind and skills to face the bowler successfully as he bowls to him.  A slight disharmony in even one aspect of his persona pushes him out of the game.  So also applies the factor of harmony while driving a car, writing an article, playing games, speaking on the dais, teaching and so on.  As a result, where there is harmony, there is success, order and peace.  Harmony, whether in life or in an organisation, is bound to give the desired results and fill our lives with joy and happiness.  And by aiming for maximum harmony in our lives, we do not harm anybody.  All are benefitted.

Taking this corollary of harmony forward, there are riders aplenty.  A fascinating world advocating harmony unfolds before us.  Spirituality, love, relationships, family, communication, profession, food habits, self health care, music, dance – any area of our life can glitter when polished with the solution of harmony.  Thus, harmony in each aspect of our life brings harmony into the overall quality of our life and adds flavour to the success of an organisation we are connected with.

Harmony harnesses the good energies and harvests money, peace, success and joy.  Sages, saints and wise men have always said that harmony makes small things grow while the lack of it makes great things decay.  It is said that happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony – a mystic happiness indeed.  And ultimately, all societies have to reach a balance between economic efficiency and social happiness, which can be achieved by harmonious harmony only.

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