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Here is a wish list for 2020!

5,4,3,2,1… and the calendar turns yet again.

The Chinese lanterns float into the new skies.

There are screams and shouts, hoots and pouts – all over as everyone tries to make the most of the moment.

I am watching the entire circus, feeling several emotions.  Excited, yes!  Happy, sure!  Love, absolutely!  And there is something else lingering at the corners of my heart… anticipation?  Yes, that must be it.  For a year that surpasses all years of my life till date.  In every way.

What is the point, to bring the old me, and an old life into a New Year?

After all – isn’t this turn a great opportunity to do all that I wanted to, but didn’t?  To do with greater depth, all that I already did and enjoyed.  And dive into the unknown for things I don’t even know I want to do.

Can I create something that will change the world as I know it…?
Right now, I have more questions, than answers.
But hey, that’s where we all need to begin right?  By asking…

I have realized a calling for me has been to write biographies of people across the globe who can be great inspirations for our world.  The more I listen to the stories of these stalwarts living lives of legendary possibilities, I am awe-struck by one thing – their ability to completely immerse themselves into that which they are doing.  To go to such depths, that they are able to get the absolute best out of that phase of their life.  To live, is to live in such a way – and I wish to live my 2020 like that.

When I am with my best friend for life, my husband Arun – I want to be with him.  Not that half-hearted stuff where we are checking our phones, doing ten other things while we are together.  I want to look into his chocolate brown eyes.  I want to watch him eat his dinner.  I want to observe the rise and fall of his chest as he sleeps.  I want to travel to new horizons with him.  I want to know what this thing called love and marriage is all about – to an even greater depth.

I have been very picky about relationships and who I allow into my inner circle… and how much of me I give to them.  This year, I want to cut loose some more.  I want to know what it’s like to find more soul friends…  I want to know what it’s like to have meaningful conversations with those I may not have had too much of a past with…  I want to allow some more beauty in.  I want to be open to Life’s plans for me.  I am sure they are going to be better than my own.

With my health – I want to do something new.  I have always been a yoga person.  Asanas and meditation are most natural to me – but what about a game of tennis?  Or a swim on a cool breezy evening?  Or maybe try running – something I have never experienced.  Maybe a dance class?  Ah, the possibilities are immense, and I am going to plan my calendar to include at least one new workout each week besides my usual.

I feel lucky to be in a profession that is my passion.  Writing is not something I do – it is as natural as breathing for me.  I love it.  When I write, I am immersed.  Nothing exists.  It’s pure meditation.  I want to go even deeper this year.  Take up projects I have believed are beyond me.  Explore opportunities that cut through every barrier – subject-wise, geographically and those of my mind.  I want to know if I can write to affect eternity.  Can I create something that will change the world as I know it…?  Right now, I have more questions, than answers.  But hey, that’s where we all need to begin right?  By asking…

Spiritually, I feel ready.  So ready.  To plunge into the depths of positive emotions.  I love the way my guru explained – engrave a trait so deeply into yourself that it becomes your very fragrance.  Can I do that?  Where I don’t just feel love – but emit it?  When I don’t just experience peace but experience peace that passeth all understanding.  Can I become one with abundance?  Yes, yes, yes – is the song of my heart.

I don’t think I have ever been as excited about any other year as I am about this.  Something feels ready.  Somewhere I get the feeling a lot of baggage has been dropped.  I am traveling light – hearted, and footed, into what can be.

Wishing you a 2020 that stuns, surprises, delights, and wows you like never before!

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