Chapter 7: Life Will Not Postpone Our Death, So Let Us Not Postpone Our Life

What causes management stress? It is caused by the gap between when a thing should have been done and when it was eventually done. What is Technology gap? It is a better way of doing things that has already come intothe industry, but you are yet to implement.

If what has to be done has to anyhow be done eventually, then why not do it today and save the stress? If there is a better way of doing things, then why not get to it before someone else does and enjoy that edge… rather than being an also-ran? When we know that something is bad, then why not drop it now? Why wait for the New Year? Why wait for another day?

Do you want to deliver ‘world-class’ quality? From this very moment, stop doing anything that is less than ‘world-class’ quality. Do you want to apologise for a mistake you committed earlier but have just become aware of… seek forgiveness immediately; else, you’ll reel with guilt. Had a flash of brilliance… execute the idea immediately, else someone else will and you will merely follow.

Fools and wise men do the same things, but at different times. Wise men do it at once and fools do it at last. Live as if tomorrow is today.

We understand the importance of health and fitness, but postpone our efforts in that direction. We realise the importance of financial planning and investment, but procrastinate taking the initiative in that direction. We comprehend the importance of our board exams, but push our preparations till it becomes a crisis. We find pushing papers into the pending folder the most convenient option.

All stress and tension in life is nothing but the accrual of psychological pressure caused by the gap between when something should have been done and when it was eventually done. Procrastination is the most certain way to shorten one’s lifespan. Postponement is the signature of underachievers.

Life will not postpone our death. So, let us not postpone our life.

There is no such day as ‘one of these days’. Today is the day. If tomorrow comes, I will tell tomorrow, ‘I’ve already done it yesterday’.