Chapter 9: Life Has Sent A Teacher, Disguised As Experience

Our maturity is always one leg below every new experience we encounter in life. The very purpose of life’s experiences is to give us that maturity… but then, with every experience it isn’t just the bar of our maturity that gets raised a little, even the bar of challenges we face gets raised. Thus goes the upward growth spiral of life. It is immaterial how knowledgeable we are, or how much of life we have seen, or if we are the very best in what we do – even if we are an encyclopaedia on life… a fall, a trip, a slump is always round the corner. Life always intrudes to disturb the flow, the rhythm… But remember, on the totem pole of growth, a failure in the tenth grade is still higher than a pass in the eighth grade. A just-miss in an attempt to scale Mount Everest is still a leg higher than making it to the top of the local hill. The higher the maturity, the higher the challenge. That’s how life moulds man. Life isn’t a journey of going two steps forward and one step back. That happens only when man lives his life without awareness… without learning from his experiences. A man whose awareness coaches him to learn from every experience lives as though he’s on a trampoline – he rises to fall and falls to rise… but the rise after every fall is even higher. Both his maturity and the level of his challenges are raised to the next higher leg. What is the reason for your success? “Good decisions.” What enables you to make good decisions? “Life’s experiences.” How do you gain life’s experiences? “Bad decisions.” On the trampoline of life’s experiences, I keep growing experience by experience. Every experience either gives me what I want, or it gives me the awareness – why I didn’t get what I want. The next time a setback disturbs your centeredness… just remember, life has sent a teacher, disguised as experience, to help you raise the bar of your maturity. Let your awareness help you to not only mature out of that experience, but also regain your centeredness. Get ready for a higher challenge. We mortals have to fall to rise… the blessing being that we always rise a little higher.