Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

We aspire to grow; then change is essential. Growth and change are inseparable. To change for the good and to lose that change over time is not a pleasant thing at all. How to hold on to the positive change? How to get transformed permanently?
Mahatria narrates a beautiful story about a dragonfly and explains the 4 realisations about change and transformation that will help anyone wanting to become a better person.

Why you should listen to this audio?

When you attempt to change for the better, there will be consequences. Your own peer group will not accept you. On the other hand, when you sustain the change long enough, you will become a role model for many who are in the path of transformation. Mahatria explains these with a beautiful story which makes it easy and enjoyable to learn.

Who should listen to this audio?

This podcast is for those who promise to drop a bad habit or take up a good habit but never could sustain the change for a prolonged period of time.

"Transformation is transformation, only when your own past seems like someone else's past!
Transformation is Trans+formation. Only when you transcend the old formation into new it becomes Trans+formation."



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

Right in the bottom of a water pond there were a colony of insects every now when and then they noticed, one amongst them will climb up that lily stalk go to the surface and disappear.

They did not know actually what was happening. Why one amongst us every now and then who climb up to the surface of the water and disappear? So, together they decided to take a solemn pledge.

The next one amongst us who will climb up the lily stalk go to the surface and disappear must return back and tell the rest of us actually what happened to us. We pledge, they took a pledge.

As providence would have it. The very waterbug which suggested this idea found itself climbing up the lily stalk and go to the surface of water.

Once it reach the surface of water, it rested on one of those lily plant leaf pads that was floating on the surface. As time passed by and it went through the metamorphosis of change and gradually it had developed the wings.

Yielding to that instinctive compulsion of wanting to flap the wings, when it began to struggle to flap its wings and as the wings became dry, it took off from the lily pad into the air.

It kept darting around, truly feeling on top the world. Every now and then resting in one of those lily pads and again taking off and flying around.

During one of its resting phases on one of the lily pads, that Waterbug turned Dragonfly.

It looked down at the bottom of that water pond and saw there was a colony of insects right at the bottom. It is only then the Dragonfly remember, I have a promise to keep, I have to go back and tell them what has happened to me.

So, the Dragonfly immediately took off from that lily pad, touch the surface of water, immediately turned around, flew back into the air came and rested in one of those lily pads one more time.

But having rested in that lily pad, the Dragonfly had four very, very important realizations in life and I truly believe they were not just the four realizations of a Dragonfly, the mental philosophies with which humanity can live their life.

The first realization the Dragonfly had was, now that I have become a Dragonfly, even if I want I cannot go back from where I have come.

Transformation is transformation, only when your own past seems like someone else’s past and even if you want you cannot go back to that past.

The stone has already become a statue and it can never be the stone again. The caterpillar has already become a butterfly and it cannot be caterpillar again. And that is exactly what the Dragonfly realized, now that I have become a Dragonfly, even if I want, I cannot go back from where I have come. Transformation is read trans formation.

Only when I transcend the old formation into new, in transcending that formation I undergo a transformation. So, one of the resolutions as you hear all into the future of your life is come away from this tiring, vicious cycle of changing and losing the change, starting and stopping to start again.

How many more times are you going to say, I’m going to give up this habit only to start again?

How many more times you’re going to endeavour to overcome your anger, only to find yourself angry four days later?

many more times are you going to resolve to take care of your health only to find yourself 10 days later back to sleep?

To change and lose the change is not to change at all. In fact, people who attempt hundreds of changes in life and cannot sustain anything, not just stagnant in life, compared to those who pick-up only 10 transformations in life. But in those 10 aspects, they changed forever. They transformed themselves forever.

So, pick-up those areas in life where the moment you step forward into the new realm of life, you will never step back. Let it remain a past once for all and forever. That’s the first realization.

You can use the word, I feel transformed in this dimension of life only if you will never go back to from where you have come. And that’s the first realization the Dragonfly had, now that I have become a Dragonfly, even if I want, I cannot go back from where I have come.

It had a second realization. Even if somehow I can go back they will no more recognize me in my new form. The friends of “Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi” cannot be and has not been the friends of “Mahatma Gandhi”. Because this entire transformation you have undergone that old world of yours which fails to renew their perception about the change that has come over you does not enable them to relate with the new you.

The world that has always perceived a “Siddhartha” struggles to perceive the “Gautama Buddha”. That is why you’ll always find a new world that comes at encompasses “Gautama Buddha” finds it much easier to see “Buddha” the way the “Buddha” must be seen than the world which new “Buddha” from the time he was a “Siddhartha”, but they never succeed in renewing their perception to know that the “Siddhartha” we knew and the “Gautama” he is are two different consciousness and they never succeed in perceiving. This is a price any person who keeps growing in life and as a result keeps going up in life has to pay sometimes your old world.

Haven’t you heard that complaint from your friends, he has changed a lot. He is not what he used to be. Change we must that which does not change, does not grow, and that which does not grow dies. Change we must let the world not hold us against us, because we are willing to change and grow.

So, somewhere you will have to understand rather than getting hurt by it, even if I go back to the world from which I have come, they will no more recognize me in my new form. So, sometimes in order to go over, I might have to give up my old world.

The Dragonfly had a third important realization. If I have not chosen to give up the comfort of being a colony of insect, I would have never become a Dragonfly. People become prisoners of their own comfort zone, not becoming what they can become because they do not want to break the boundaries of their comfort zone.

And that is exactly what the Dragonfly realized,  if I had just enjoyed the comfort of being a Waterbug in the bottom of the pond. I would have remind the Waterbug, it is in my desire to challenge myself, beyond my comfort zone, I created the context for me to evolve into a Dragonfly.

So, if I have not chosen to give up the comfort of being a colony of insects, I would have never become a Dragonfly. The message for you and me is, challenge yourself beyond your comfort zones and that is the only way you can become what you can become in life. Step daringly into the unknown.

And it had a fourth realization. Now that I have become a Dragonfly, the only thing I can do to the world from which I have come is, keep flying as a Dragonfly and seeing what I have become in life some more of those Waterbugs will get inspired to become a Dragonfly one day and they will get inspired by the life I live.

And as a result, I will motivate a few more Dragonflies to realize what is capable in their life too and enable them to become a Dragonfly. The greatest joy of becoming what you can become in life is, that your life become an inspiration for the next generation and through your life the next generation will realize, we can also become what he has become.

So, live your life in such a way much before you expire in every way you inspire every life that you come across in your life.

Wishing you most and more in every dimension of your life.

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