Giving love is the most important part of having a fulfilled life. Go into relationships looking at what you can give and not what you can receive. As long as there are boundaries for love, there will be possessiveness so expand your boundaries and experience a happier existence.

Why you should read this article:

You should read this article if you suffer from possessiveness or struggle with being able to experience the joys of love. This article talks about how to be liberated through love. Seek to love rather than be loved.

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It is important not to focus on receiving love, but instead of being a giver of love to all. Love is the beginning and end in itself. It should not be transacted and it cannot be quantified. Love is the most important part of living a fulfilled life.

If you are starved for love, it is not because enough people do not love you but it is because you are not expressing your love to enough people.  Starvation of love does not cease by receiving love.  It ceases only by giving love.  The economics of love is that it fills the heart of both the giver and the receiver.

In a world that’s begging for love, what is the point in you begging from a beggar?  Begging from a beggar will only result in accrual of beggary.  Begging for love makes you more of a beggar.  You are rich by what you give and poor by what you receive.  So, go into any relationship looking at what you can give and not what you can receive.

There is freedom in wanting to love.  There is bondage in wanting to be loved.

Seek to love than to be loved.  Love, not for reciprocation of love.  Love because you cannot help it.  Love because you know no other way.  Love transacted is not love at all.  Love should never be a means.  Love is an end in itself.  Love is a reward in itself.  Love, because you love.  Love all and love all the time.  Even if you cannot love all, all the time, at least love a few all the time.

Let the fragrance of your life become love, for the only thing big enough to encompass love is life itself.  Love is the only gospel that’s needed.  If you miss love, you miss life.

As long as there are boundaries for your love, there will be possessiveness and bondage.  Shorter the boundaries, greater will be the bondage and the resultant possessiveness.  Expand your boundaries.  Stop loving only a few.  Start loving many.  Grow up to love all and love all the time.

In relationships, after every move of yours if you expect a counter move from the other towards you, then you suffer bondage.  If you expect the other to reciprocate expressions only to you and to no one else, then you suffer possessiveness.  So, transform yourself to show your love and affection without expecting reciprocation.  Don’t love for reciprocation of love.  Love because you love.

See the world around you as an opportunity for you to love and not as an opportunist who needs to be loved.  In it is true liberation.

Love all; love all the time.

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