How to be free from comparison1

‘She is taller than me.’ ‘His reporting is much better than me!’ ‘They are happier than us!’ We are used to comparing ourselves with others. At the same time, the world around us also compares us with others. What is the effect of such comparisons? Dented self-image. Then should we refrain from comparison? But comparison also triggers growth; it motivates us to improve. Through this short Q & A, Mahatria gives a solution.

Why you should read this article:

How are you scoring yourself? Is your score card based on comparison with others, who are outside of you? Then this Q and A is for you. This will help you to score higher by turning the direction of comparison within.

Who should read this article:

If you constantly compare yourself with others and feel frustrated, this Q and A is for you.


How to be free from comparison? 

All the five fingers are not the same, the colours of the rainbow are not the same, and so is the creation of existence – they are never the same.  Everything is different.  The looks and the outlook of people are different.  Where there is difference there will be comparison.  Nobody is free from comparison.

It seems…  Once, a man went to a studio to take his picture.  As he entered, the photographer gave him a warm welcome and said, “Just pay me 10 rupees, I will make your picture look like Shahrukh Khan.”  The man hesitated and immediately the photographer said, “Okay pay me 50 rupees, I will make your picture look like Virat Kohli.”  Again, the man hesitated.  “Okay pay me 100 rupees, I will make your picture look like the smart and the sensational Vijay,” said the Photographer and still the man was not interested.  Looking into the eyes of the photographer the man said, “I need the picture that will look like me.”  For which the photographer said, “I will charge you 1000 rupees for that.”  The man was willing to pay 1000 rupees because only his picture will serve his purpose.  Nobody else’s will.  That’s the futility of comparison.

So, stop comparing yourself with others – that’s a negative comparison.  Instead compare your today with your own yesterday and keep improving – that’s a positive comparison.

The feeling “I can” is achieved by C.A.N.I,

which is Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

Compare your today with your yesterday and strive to make every today of yours better than yesterday – That’s a positive comparison, which inspires you and develops you.  On the contrary, comparing yourself with others will only disturb you.  That’s a negative comparison.

Avoid negative comparison, which is comparing yourself with others.  Practice positive comparison, which is comparing your today with your yesterday.  It inspires you and also develops you.

Do you know,

  • This universe is made up of millions of galaxies and our galaxy, Milky Way, is just one of them.
  • Our galaxy Milky Way is made up of millions of solar systems and our solar system is just one of them.
  • Compared to the size of our solar system, our planet earth is just a small speck of dust.
  • And, on our planet earth YOU are just a speck of dust.

Now, visualise yourself in the entirety of the Universe.

And yet, in the entirety of this Universe, there has never been anyone like you and there will never be anyone like you.

You are the only one of your kind. 

You are unique.  You are original. 

You are a Masterpiece…  Master’s piece. 

A unique, original, rare masterpiece specially designed by God.  Then, why at all compare yourself with anybody else.  Simply strive to make every today of yours better than your yesterday.


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