Golden Opportunities

A tutorial to draw gold into your life… We often hear statements such as: grab the opportunity, seize the opportunity or window of opportunity.  These phrases give us the impression as though opportunity is an object out there in the physical world for us to take hold of.  But there are no opportunities out there, …

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The power of we

The blow was severe…  What made them stand with strength? About 6 months ago, my family received an award from the hands of our beloved guru, Mahatria.   On the trophy, the words delicately carved were, ‘The Power of We’.  He spoke about how as a family we could overcome stage-4 brain cancer that my Mother …

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The numbers game

We make the mistake of quantifying everything in our lives.  But so many things are qualitative, not quantitative. I happened to read an article by Peter Drucker which read, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” It struck a chord when I read it, because I realized that a lot of our success …

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Weeds and seeds

Two scenarios… and a valuable leadership lesson for warm relationship with everybody. Scenario 1: That was his daughter’s birthday. Ragav had promised his wife Mohana and his 4-year-old daughter Smitha for an outing in the evening. It was agreed that he would come by 6 p.m., and all would go to the beach side restaurant. …

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