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Love, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss…
if we can follow these, we can live a happy and fulfilled life…

Athyasa… she was called.
A wonderer… she was.
A lover… in every sense.

Athyasa was moving around in her bed, a soft sigh escaping her lips every now and then. She was feeling burdened by emotions. She had seen things she should never have seen. She had heard things which should never have touched her petal ears. She had experienced emotions, He wished, she didn’t have to. And yet, God knew – He couldn’t protect her any further. As He watched His child sleep, He knew her time had come… to go on the great mighty Earth. And this was just a training. There, she would go through much more. He felt a strange protective love for this little angel. Was it the way her hair curled, or the way her thin pink lips smiled; was it in the sweetness of her voice, or the tenderness of her heart? He felt for her in ways He hadn’t for years together. He could not understand it and had stopped trying to understand.

Tomorrow he would bid her goodbye. And He found Himself filled with a mixed bag of emotions. He knew the Earth needed her – but a part of Him was just not ready to let go. He would have to, He knew. She was ready. Maybe He wasn’t. He sat a while longer and watched her – not knowing when He would see her again. It would be a while, yes, it would be a while.
Athyasa fluttered her eyes open and saw Him! Her sun. Her smile. Her reason for existence. As she watched the half-formed tears in His eyes, she knew it was time… they would be parting soon. For a while, at least. Tears fell from the almond brown-black eyes of their own accord.

The two gazed at each other for a while. The beauty of true, pure love… words are often redundant.

Yet Athyasa wanted words. Today of all days, she wanted her Father to tell her something… although she knew she was ready for this journey, she also felt a strange anxiety. She wanted Him to speak, ease her tousled thoughts and she said, “Daddy, tell me four things I need for this journey through life as a human being. What must I know?” Her voice quivered a little and He felt something constrict in His heart. Why? He wondered… could He not keep her with him longer. Forever?

He said to her, simply…

The four things you need to know, as you embrace the unknown are this: Love, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

Love… is that single most powerful emotion that is going to protect you and nurture you as a human being. When you move away from this, you will experience the struggles, the tiredness of human life. Reconnect to it, and you will find the energy to do anything you wish to. Humans have misunderstood this word – they feel it is something a man and woman feel. They believe it only has romantic connotations. Or at most, something they feel for their family and friends. However, this is absolute underuse of the power of love. Love is an energy. The highest energy. The purest one. Connect to it, and you shall never feel the burden – move away, and everything may look difficult. My child, you will feel stretched. You will feel betrayed. Hurt. Lonely. It is a part of your human experience – however, you need not stay too long. Just connect with the feeling in your heart, remember Me, and I shall flood you with the energy.

Truth… humans have a strange habit of not wanting to see things as they are. They want to see, what they want to see. In your human form, you too will be vulnerable to this. You will be tempted to create illusions – to move away from the Truth. Though this may give temporary relief in any situation you find yourself, the beautiful thing about Truth is – one, it will reveal itself and two, it must be faced. See things for what they are… without allowing your mind to distort it. See people for who they are… without colouring them with your judgments. Go through experiences as they are… without bringing yourself into it. That is Truth. And the Truth will set you free.

Consciousness… Live every moment with awareness. In the present. This will help you to apply the above two more easily. When you are conscious, you will remain in a state of love. When you are conscious, you will perceive Truth as it is. Consciousness is to Be. Here and now. Use the past as a reference… use the future as a guidepost. But remain deeply rooted in the present alone, for that is where life actually exists. The only Truth about life is this moment. Live it, and you have lived eternity.

Bliss… is your very nature. Things you see may sometimes disturb you. What you hear, may trouble you. Emotions you go through, may distract you. And yet, if you can just know, my little one – thou art happiness. It is your innate self. It is what makes you, you. See life as a fun fair – a leela. Enjoy the rides – but come back to the ground. Freak out with the delicacies – but know, it’s just for fun. Live every moment as though you are on a cosmic adventure – knowing, all you need to do is close your eyes and reconnect with Me in the silent chambers of your heart to feel the unending bliss. You are going there to complete many – who have lost their way. You need nothing. You need no one. Go – spread your light, beautiful angel of mine!

Night had fallen upon the heavens. The stars were murmuring among themselves. Athyasa lay in His lap and watched with wonderment. She knew tomorrow would be a new beginning… As he placed His warm palms upon her brow, in a moment she experienced it all – Love, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

She was ready.
More ready than ever before.
The two gazed at each other some more, glad that tomorrow was still a few hours away.

When you are conscious, you will remain in a state of love. When you are conscious, you will perceive Truth as it is. Consciousness is to Be. Here and now.

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