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Life is a beautiful narration of miracles!

Faith Works, Miracle Happens. I had joined Microsoft in the year 2008 as a software engineer and had an extraordinary first six months. There was a tough module to be delivered in a short time and none of the current team members had the time to work upon it. I took it up as a challenge and delivered a very high-quality deliverable, much to the delight of my manager and the entire team. However, after that, my career trajectory slowed down due to many  emotional bad choices of over commitment and under delivery.

That was the time I was introduced to the path of infinitheism, a path divined by my guru Mahatria. I consistently attended every session and began implementing the teachings – like the power of making and keeping commitments. Soon I began to believe in myself more and started producing results. I remember having a meeting with my manager in September 2010 and asking about my promotion. He said that with all the bad choices that I had made in the past, there was no way I could be promoted in the next one year. I was disappointed, yet I continued to focus on my performance, productivity and impact.

It was such a wonderful feeling to cry out of deep positive emotions.

It was then, that the ‘Miracle period’ began. Mahatria conducts a spiritual retreat every year with the name of Higher Deeper Beyond, in short HDB. It is not just an annual spiritual pilgrimage, but it is a platform of faith where several seekers experience the unfoldment of miracles and manifestation of their faith through it.

I was fortunate enough to have been blessed with a seat in the retreat that year; and it was my first ever entry into the retreat. So, with a combination of gratitude, excitement, curiosity, love and faith, I went into my HDB.

Without an exception, I too was lead through various processes and many first time experiences that I can never comprehend. My first and best ever experience was when I was caught unaware by my own emotions. When I was not even expecting, I broke down in tears. It was such a wonderful feeling to cry out of deep positive emotions. On my return, I felt feather-light and yet filled with emotions of gratitude and calmness.

After I resumed work, I had a meeting with my manager and after the usual updates, I asked about my promotion casually. The person who a couple of months earlier had said that there was no chance for the next one year, said that we try in six months.

This itself was a miracle for me – that my manager was considering giving me a promotion in six months. A couple of weeks later, I received an urgent meeting invite from my manager. Usually meetings at such a short notice don’t happen unless there is some kind of escalation.

With my heart in my mouth, wondering what had happened, I nervously walked towards his cabin. My manager looked very serious and handed me a letter. When I read the contents of the letter, I realized that the big miracle had happened. I got promotion.

What had looked impossible in a years’ time happened in just a couple of months. My manager, with a big smile, congratulated me and asked for a party to celebrate.

A couple of weeks later, the official email containing the list of all the promotees shared with all the employees. A lot of congratulatory emails started pouring in. I also happened to meet one of my manager’s peers in the cafeteria.

He told me that he surprise on how I got promotion as my name had not considered at that time. As he was part of the meeting and my name was discussed for promotion for six months later. Only when he saw the official email, had he realized that a miracle happened.

Till date, nobody has an explanation on how or why it happened. I don’t need any explanation. I experientially understood these words of Mahatria, “Faith works…”

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