The chocolate bomb

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Sometimes we can learn life lessons from ordinary things!

Within moments of proposing the idea of going to a restaurant for dinner, an automobile carrying the five of us was heading towards Little Italy.  In the car, Pallak and Piya, amongst themselves, had already locked upon the menu for the evening.  The singer in Yogi was overpowering the sound of Despacito coming from the music player.  Giving a complex to Justin Beiber!  My husband was trying hard to convince Yogi to shift to a genre that was easily understood by all in the car.  But it was all in vain.  And in the midst of this pleasant mixture of so many sounds, I was quietly brainstorming over some of my motherly concerns for my growing boy.  His growing adamancy.

His absolute stubbornness to let go and shed some of his ironclad ideas, which according to him was the best way for him.  And I found myself busy shuttling glances between him and off into space.  Thinking deeply about the person I know him as and wondering how to bring about a change in the way he has been thinking of late.

This giant wonder ball was overflowing with deliciousness.  And what caused it to flow? The warmth of the chocolate.

As soon as we were at the dinner table, three of these seemingly very hungry people had placed their orders.  With great fluency, without looking down into the menu card or looking up at the parents – very confidently, the task of what we all should eat was effortlessly executed.  A wordless way to say to their mother, “Everyday you cook for us, assuming we will like it, so today we ordered for you, knowing you will love it.”

The attendant brought the pizza, the pasta and the nachos and my eager bunch of foodies began relishing their favourite cuisine.

Now it was time for something sweet and phenomenal.  And so, the table was cleared for the grand finale – the chocolate bomb.

Within minutes, the loaded bombs were placed on the platters; the hot chocolate poured on top.  And what a visual treat it was to watch the crust melt away into a pile of gooey goodness.  It was so appealing, and the more I kept gazing at it, the more magical it looked.  This giant wonder ball was overflowing with deliciousness.  And what caused it to flow? -The warmth of the chocolate.

So full of awe and excitement, they dug their spoons into the rich goodies that awaited them inside.  So engrossed was I in experiencing this scene, that I forgot to even taste it.  And that was when I realised that they were relishing the smeared chocolate sauce off their plates.  The five of us sat there savouring everything and rubbing our bellies contently.

On our way back home, and once again amidst the cacophony of so many sounds, I was resting in the calmness of a very beautiful thought.  The mind kept replaying a shot it had just captured.

The chocolate bomb…

When the hot chocolate was poured, how gracefully the crust melted into this depth of love and vitality that was just lying beyond it.  Still anchored on to the same thought my glance shifted to Yogi, who was sitting so close to me.  I could feel the toughness of his arm against mine and I realised that beneath these tough exteriors there is a tender heart.  All I have to do is pour my love with abandon and watch his ironclad ideas melt to reveal the glorious sundae inside.

As our beloved Mahatria says, “If love can’t, nothing else can.”

And on that day, this chocolate bomb had something more delicious to offer – the savour went beyond the taste buds and deeper into my being.

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