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Life Expectations – He who accepts all will survive anywhere in life…


When we are interested in doing something, we are ever ready to do it for expectations.  Recently, I was very tired and wanted to go to bed.

Just then, I noticed ‘infinithoughts’ on the table and soon after that I changed my mind and started reading the articles.

As I was reading, I came to a page which gives people the opportunity to contribute their life as articles.

‘Write your way to glory’.  I was surprised to see the title ‘Nostalgia’.

I never had any intention to write, but I wanted to think about my past for a while.  All of a sudden, an incident popped up.

An incident which taught me an important life lesson.

Me along with two of my friends, had an interest in doing something using electronic items.

At that time, we were in class X.  One fine day, we were approached by our mentor.  He told us to participate in the science exhibition at school level.

We were happy and at once started collecting money in order to get the stuff.  Our zeal and hard work ended in success.  Soon after that we were asked to do the same thing at the district level.  How happy we were to hear that.

It seemed as if our happiness was endless.  As the days passed by, we gathered enough and more money and started preparing for the event.

Soon, we realized the day was coming near, but we were not worried; we had finished and were ready to participate.

It was a day before our exhibition.  My friends called me to a particular place where we normally meet.

As I approached them, I could sense something, may be because they were not in a happy mood.  Anyhow, I approached.  Slowly, one of my friends said, “Buddy, we are sorry for you.

Only two are allowed to participate in the event.  So…”  I could envision the rest and before they could even finish, I got up, thanked them.

I gave them a wry smile and walked out.  They phoned me, but I didn’t answer their calls.

The next morning, all three of us had been waiting in the wings to enjoy, broke with a bright sun.

I did not want to phone them.  I was questioned by my parents and all the others who knew what that day meant for me.  From 9:00 a.m., onwards.

I started receiving calls and messages from my friends who were already in the venue.  I could not control myself, and so, I responded to them.

They tried to reassure me, but all I could say was, “It’s okay, you do it well,” even though I did not want to say that to them, and all I could do was to cut the call.

I felt distressed; there was a pain inside me which I could not express to anyone.  Time flew like streaming waters.

At around 3:30 p.m., I received a call from my friends telling me that our team selected for the state level competition.  All I could do was to take my cycle and ride to my school and well, you know…

Yes, we all enjoyed ourselves together.  At that moment there was no remorse or ill feeling in me.  I felt happy for my friends.

In couple of months, at the state level competition, I was chosen to be the main presenter.  I got all the limelight and the results were in our favour.

We awarded a scholarship and a cup – which I still have as a precious possession.

They tried to reassure me, but all I could say was, “It’s okay, you do it well,” even though I did not want to say that to them, and all I could do was to cut the call.

Mahatria says, neither all my expectations will be fulfilled, nor all my expectations will remain unfulfilled.

I understood that life somewhere evens out…

No One  can predict ‘when’ our expectations will be fulfilled, but it will be!

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