Does Relationship Get Stagnant With Time

Does a relationship become uninteresting and stale in 5, 7, 10… years, as time passes by? Is there a way by which we can deepen the relationships and make it a lot more meaningful? Through a real life story, Mahatria explains that relationships get seasoned over time to that extent that the other understands your need even without any communication...

Why you should listen to this audio?

To understand that in a long-standing relationship like that of a couple married for more than a decade or between parents and children or between siblings, even silence can be a powerful communication. By narrating an interesting incident from His life, Mahatria makes us understand this.

Who should listen to this audio?

Those who want to bring in an element of excitement and deepen a long-standing relationship should necessarily watch this to renew their beliefs about the relationship.

"Our relationship with time can grow and it will grow only to those who believe I am in a growing relationship."



This is the voice of “Mahatria“. Welcome to discover a new you. Wishing you most and more.

The realm of marriage, industry average is two fights per week. So, I keep believing as long as I have at least two fights per week, Chaltha hey! it’s all going right.

And somehow it’s a compromise I can buy into and I can keep saying, now it’s already 10-years since we are married what to expect? You believe that there can only be a compromise in the relationship and they’ll only be a compromise in relationship or every relationship has the potential to keep growing and you find yourself 10 years later. There are more reasons to love each other than it was 10-years ago, because we are stood by each other for 10-years.

I remember an evening in Puna which expanded my belief about how I look at relationships. When me and a friend of mine had gone to see a colonel and we were sitting with an uncle in the lawns and discussing.

After about half an hour of discussion, the uncle asked us, do you care for tea? We never thought about it, it looked like he wanted tea and we were just a context by which he could ask for tea.

So, he said, ‘Do you care for a tea?’ We said, ‘Why not?’. He immediately turned in the direction to shout to Auntie who was inside the bungalow to ask for tea and there he saw she was walking with a tray in hand with tea and she approached us.

The uncle told the Auntie, I was about to ask you for tea and without batting an eyelid the Auntie said, after 14-years of our marriage, if you have to ask me for tea and only then I bring then there’s no meaning to this relationship. I know what you want even before you ask.

And somehow with that belief when I look at it, I’m sure that’s what “Mummy” is doing even today to “Papa”, understanding what he requires even before he spells it out, understanding that somebody there in the family is disturbed and you have not even communicated to her, and somehow that old lady knowing very well, you may sometimes get irritated and bark back at her, still comes and stands next to you and ask you, Beta, something is not okay? She can still read even your unspoken expressions and emotions. There is no need for us to believe, a relationship with time needs to diminish. In fact, our relationship with time can grow and it will grow only to those who believe I am in a growing relationship.

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