Profit or Loss

Profit or Loss

Here is a marketing plan to reap profits. Many a time, in trade or service, a transaction gives birth to profit.  Yet it is important to decipher if the profit is well-earned or is it just enrichment of few nickels.  In many instances we are faced with two options.  Either to make a profit by …

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Business, my guru

Business, my Guru!

We all know the saying, ‘Work is worship’.  Can we translate that into our occupations? Krishna, a small merchant operating from his compact little bunk shop, did business with sincerity and dignity.  Once a swamiji came to his shop to purchase provisions for his ashram and they both hit upon a conversation.  What followed was …

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Your ROI

Your ROI

Here is a rumination of return on investment, both on material and spiritual! A vegetable vendor pulls his cart in our neighbourhood.  His only advertising strategy is a loud howl: “Beans, fresh beans.  Brinjal, the best brinjal.”  He knows his customers’ tastes, price points and required quantities, and smiles are the only form of communication.  …

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The numbers game

We make the mistake of quantifying everything in our lives.  But so many things are qualitative, not quantitative. I happened to read an article by Peter Drucker which read, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” It struck a chord when I read it, because I realized that a lot of our success …

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