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It’s 2020.  Can we accelerate our efforts to achieve whatever we want, just like a cricket team does in a 20-20 match?

As I was stepping into my house, I heard sounds of celebration from the television.  I knew it was some sport, and, indeed, it was a T-20 match between India and West Indies.  The West Indies had set up a high target of 208 runs that India had just begun to chase.  It was also interesting to see that a major contribution to the high target set by the West Indies was the last over, where they had scored a total of 17 runs.  Initially, it seemed tough for India to beat the score.  However, as the game progressed ball by ball and over by over, the runs on the board were approaching the target.

The match gave one the feeling of Diwali fireworks in the sky as the players began to continuously hit sixes and fours.  Of course, we lost few wickets due to the pressure to score higher runs with every ball, since the number of balls remaining were reducing.  Of course, due to the increasing pressure, the West Indies team too made some mistakes by missing a few catches.  But the celebration was at its peak and it was wonderful to experience the feeling among the fans that “Yes!  It’s worth the evening!”  Even those of us who were watching the match on television wanted to experience this match live at the stadium.  All of us who were watching the match were on the edge of our seats since the match was totally gripping.  While watching the match, a few thoughts ran in my mind.

When I was in school, I used to watch test matches which would last for five days, and some of those matches would be very slow… and at times the score would stagnate at 208 runs even after two days into the match.  I began to compare a few things between test matches and 20-20 matches.  The levels of fitness required for the two formats are different.  The strategies are different.  The prize money is different.  Of course, the cost of the ticket too is different and the pay for players is also different.  But both the games are still called ‘Cricket’.  It consisted of the same 11 players in each team and the same six balls per over.

However, to score 208 runs in a test match and to score 208 runs in a 20-20 is different, because in a 20-20, the potential of every ball must be maximised by hitting as many sixes and fours as possible.  Which means, a lesser number of balls and a higher target score.  Thus, the potential of every ball becomes very high and the game also becomes very interesting.  The opportunity for a batsman to score higher runs are more in a 20-20 match.  The duration of a 20-20 match is much less compared to a test match.  Which means we can also achieve the score of a test match in a

20-20 by playing the game differently.  I realized that the game begins in the mind.

“When our mind expands, life expands”, says my beloved Mahatria.

Yes!  Here it’s coming, 2020, the New Year.  Why don’t we play the year 2020 like we would a 20-20 match?  Whatever we achieved over the last few years, why can’t we achieve them all in the year 2020?  All we need is new fitness levels, which are new strategies, new ideas, and new energy levels.  There is not a moment of dullness in a 20-20 match because the game is for a shorter duration and the target score to be achieved is also high.  This makes the game very interesting to play and win, and hence they hit sixes and fours.  Just as the score of a five-day match could be scored in a 20-20 match, why not we hit sixes and fours in 2020 and make this year interesting.  Why don’t we fix new targets to achieve holistic development regarding our primary responsibilities in personal, professional, social, family and spiritual aspects and become the game changer?

The Indian Captain, Virat Kohli, said in his winning speech that, as the game was progressing, the momentum was picking up, which led to a gripping match…  So even in life, when we keep the momentum going, we will get into the zone of peak performance and once the rhythm is set, then the spread is set.  By watching the match, it was so very exciting for us.  Then, what it must have been for Virat Kohli, as the captain of the team playing the match to win.  When we play well to win, we win.  So why don’t we play like Virat Kohli in our life in 2020?

I am in for the game.  Let’s play to win and let’s be the game changer…  We deserve that win…  The game has started…

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