The fountain fathom

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Beautiful, everything in life has meaning.  Life is magical and beautiful.  And that beauty is there for all…


Nature is healing and rejuvenating.  It is more healing to my mind and body than any medicine or cure.  I look forward to my day with an early morning walk or jog.  One day, while walking in the Agri Horticultural Society, a very well-designed park within the city of Kolkata, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of life around me!

The fountain flowing with life, right in the middle of this beautiful garden, filled my heart and soul with immense joy.  I felt like a child wanting to keep flowing with my exuberance, happiness and charm to fill everyone’s life with the elixir of love!  The meaning of this word ‘elixir’ itself denotes ‘a magical or medicinal potion guaranteed to induce love’.

Water is healing and when it flows in nature in the form of a fountain, river or stream, it doubles the healing process.  So here I was during my morning regime, walking and drinking the nectar of love from this magical fountain.  There was a sudden gush in my energy levels as I kept observing the fountain, which continued to sprinkle water on all passers-by.

A deep thought unfolded, which came as a catharsis for the present moment, and got etched thereafter in my inner being.  The fountain worked with electricity and could gather up all the force to throw up water to greater heights depending only on this external energy.  We too, as human beings, are nothing without the ‘Energy of God’, which runs through us.  We have to draw the divine energy in our lives by surrendering unto HIM and thus elevate ourselves to a higher level of consciousness.

While this thought was going on in my mind, words from my Source of Faith struck a chord within me.  Mahatria often says, “We are a very powerful magnet; we draw into our lives what our dominant thoughts and feelings are.”

When we look into each of our lives, we would be able to identify why something is happening to us and why something is not.  It is all about our thoughts and feelings.  My life stands as an example for this.

I had moved to Chennai from Kolkata (my hometown) nineteen years ago, not knowing why life had chosen me to be where I was.  My quest had always been to go deeper and deeper within, to be able to get in touch with my silence and the inner world (where I believed I could get a glimpse of the Divine).  The search had continued, and years later, what I was seeking for, sought me.  As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the master appears.”  It happened that way for me.  Suddenly everything seemed to change, and life went on an upward spiral (which it still continues to be).

I had surrendered myself to the Higher Energy in the form of my Spiritual Master.  Like the fountain, I too started operating from a Higher Energy level and could see myself climbing on the ladder of abundance, striving to go higher and higher…  I realized everything was turning into reality with the divine manifesting His Energy within me.  My success was directly proportional to aligning my processes in congruence to my goals, having the right thoughts and feelings and the Higher Energy manifesting within.  Everything seemed to work miraculously for me – as if GOD had suddenly put me into a magical land where I was experiencing miRAcles, moment after moment…

Things which were not happening started happening and things which should never happen started dropping out from my life.  I started experiencing the ‘magical and medicinal potion of love and abundance’ in my life.  I realized that for me to get into this state I would always have to strive to go into higher levels of consciousness, surrendering unto the divine force.  For me it was my Mahatria, yet for someone else it could be another Force (physical or subtle).

Life feels beautiful from this higher branch as I was able to understand God and feel one with HIM.  In reality, HE has always been with and within me, in my inner core and in all forms outside.  But I could only feel HIM when I operated from the Higher Energy level…

Everything seemed to work miraculously for me – as if GOD had suddenly put me into a magical land where I was experiencing miRAcles, moment after moment…

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