Grow but not age.

Grow but not Age

Putting days into life is ageing.  Putting life into days is growing.  Let us grow and not age. The hardest aspect of getting older is accepting the bodily changes that Mother Nature dishes out during your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.  Ageing is a simple fact of life.  Most people do not appreciate ageing like …

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happy events The Chocolate effect

The chocolate effect

Happy Events – The chocolate effect in Life.   Savour what is beautiful in your life, swallow and forget the unpleasant.   Our family doctor always sported a cheerful and happy look.  He treated his patients with care and concern and always had a happy joke or two to share. In all circumstances, good or …

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feel I am worth it

I am worth it

When you feel this, an inexplicable fulfillment descends on you! Being a woman, I can speak for my gender.  However, I am sure men go through this too.  For what?  Why!  So much of doubt based on appearance – so much of stigma based on the outermost layer of us.  Questions.  Anxiety.  Trauma.  I really …

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Broken Bone

Broken bone…

Can an unpleasant incident create so much happiness?   Resolutions are commonly made before the New Year commences or perhaps on the 1st day of a New Year, isn’t? But I’ve got the habit of making resolutions every time I finish reading a motivational note. 7th of Oct’15 was my scheduled week off and after …

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A new day

We celebrate the first day of the year as a New Beginning… Isn’t every day a new day?   Every morning is a new beginning in terms of understanding, living in harmony or bliss, a day of new opportunities, a day of forgiving, a day of new challenge or another step in the ladder towards …

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