Follow your heart

Our inner voice will continue to guide us and goad us along the right path.    As I was taking my class, a voice from near the entrance interrupted, “How are you feeling now ma’am?”   Though he is also a student of mine, he is from another class.  Though I normally never encouraged such interruptions, …

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moment Magical Mantra

Magical mantra

Can we sit still, in the moment, and be aware of everything that is happening within and without?   Everything in this world and what the world has become today is a direct effect of this magic mantra called ‘Observe and Absorb’ gifted by Mahatria to this world. Scientists practice this mantra every day.  They …

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how i wonder

How I Wonder!

Love, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss… if we can follow these, we can live a happy and fulfilled life… Athyasa… she was called. A wonderer… she was. A lover… in every sense. Athyasa was moving around in her bed, a soft sigh escaping her lips every now and then. She was feeling burdened by emotions. She …

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