Some childhood experiences can haunt us in our adult life; what should be our take? I have heard my friend share this concern of his with me in the past, quite a few times. I was also clueless as to how to help him or what could be the possible solution for it. Many times, …

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service is love

Service is Love

A four-legged creature helped the author understand a truth about life… The urge to bring pets into our homes is so widespread that it’s tempting to think of it as a universal feature of human nature. I am someone who would prefer to interact with humans rather than play with pets! I am not fond …

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Lets Celebrate - celebration

Let’s Celebrate

Is there a link between celebration and health? Read on to understand. The dawn of 2020, like any New Year, will certainly propel people to take New Year resolutions such as losing weight, quitting smoking or chewing tobacco/paan, overcoming laziness and so on… Sometimes, certain occasions or events create in us a desire or a …

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