excitement Life awaits

Life awaits

Excitement – What are the return gifts life is expecting from us? My colleague was all excited as we were having a casual chat during our tea break.  His wife was about to deliver a child in the next couple of days and what more reason would one need to be so excited?  That was …

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A way to overcome weakness. In Mahabharata, Duryodhana would repeatedly say, “I know what is right but I cannot indulge in it.  I know what is wrong but I cannot avoid it.”  As Mahatria was telling this I thought why it should be difficult to avoid what’s wrong and indulge in what’s right.  But as …

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Minimize spillage with a Funnel…  Try this one For a painter, there are options of thousands of colours to choose to begin his painting.  Even before he begins his first stroke, he needs to go through the array of colours to pick up his choice.  Imagine that he is overwhelmed with so many colours that …

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Body Gateway to the mind

Body Gateway to the mind

We can train our mind to immediately think positive whenever we face a stressful situation. Most of the health problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind will impact each other.  Our thoughts will have influence on our physical health and our physical health will influence our thoughts.  So anything can start in the …

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happy events The Chocolate effect

The chocolate effect

Happy Events – The chocolate effect in Life.   Savour what is beautiful in your life, swallow and forget the unpleasant.   Our family doctor always sported a cheerful and happy look.  He treated his patients with care and concern and always had a happy joke or two to share. In all circumstances, good or …

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